The Weather Outside is . . . Confusing

This weather has been crazy! It took everything I had to pull the pentas and most of the huge basil plants in my little vegetable garden over the weekend so that I could plant some cool season veggies and seeds. For heaven’s sake it is November and yet…the Thai basil (last one standing!) is still stunning and full of bees, several pipevine swallowtail caterpillars are still decimating the remaining hardy Dutchman’s pipevine plants, black swallowtail butterflies are landing on the fennel and tropical plumbago, peppers are producing better than ever…this is not supposed to be!

I did plant several broccoli, cauliflower and kale plants and sowed lots of lettuce, carrot, spinach, radish and arugula seeds. This is a classic example of knowing that our Veggie Planting Guide is only a guide. Gardening in Texas is not set in stone. We have had several complaints of spinach seed still not germinating, and that is because it is still not cold enough. So just sit back and enjoy whatever weather we do have and keep on planting!

One thought on “The Weather Outside is . . . Confusing”

  1. I feel the same about my pentas and basil right now. I had put some of my plants (basil included) in an empty 40gal fish tank with the light on for 13 hours a day and that was working perfect….until I needed that space for christmas decorations that is. I made the decision to just leave them on the porch and let nature take its course. But how could I just leave them out there? I harvested thoes seeds and planted them (way too late but I just couldn’t help myself) so now they are on the floor of my den right in front of the sliding door. I may have even brought in my pepper plants as well !

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