The Four Seasons

It looks like we are having a normal winter – some really cold weather and certainly none of the warm days we had in January and early February of last year. I much prefer having four seasons, so I am enjoying this cool respite. A warm day last weekend was all I needed to clean up the damage done to the vegetable garden by that 13-degree night last month. Surprisingly enough, the kales, Swiss chard and most of the lettuces survived with no covering at all. Newer seedlings of carrots, radishes and beets did not make it, so I just reseeded. Onions have been planted, and potatoes will go in hopefully in the next few days. And we savored the first asparagus of the season two days ago!

I know I have said this before, but I get more inspired by planting this cool season garden than any other during the year. Herbs and vegetables are intermingled in a small space. Curved edges are seeded with several varieties of carrots, radishes and lettuces. Hungarian Blue Bread seed poppies reseed each year, who knows where.

By the beginning of April, it is such a beautiful space and it lasts like that almost until our heat hits. I am savoring this possibility again – the rewards of gardening.