Still the Right Tools

I was going back through newsletter items I wrote in 2008. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised that the same basic gardening tools I used then, I still use now. In fact, we still carry these basic tools in our stores today!

From 2008
I am going out to plant – what do I need? Just as the right knives, frying pans and proper ingredients make cooking a pleasure, so do the proper tools and products in the organic garden.
All my garden beds have long ago been prepared with organic matter. Each year, organic fertilizers, compost and mulch are added. Even so, each time I plant, I go to my little shed and bring out my supplies.
I put on my favorite Atlas gloves. A Korean hand plow or my Radius scooper is used for digging holes, a Hori-Hori knife for slicing root-bound plants. If I need to prune, my old reliable Felco pruner is ready for action.

As I dig each hole, I put in a handful of earthworm castings, which are full of nutrients that plants love. We think so highly of it that it is one of the ingredients in our potting soil and many of our specialty organic foods. The root of the plant and the planting hole are soaked with a liquid seaweed solution. After planting, the area is covered with either a shredded cedar or hardwood mulch.
Simple, basic tools and ingredients for successful organic gardening!