Seed to Flower to Seed

Part of the fun of gardening that I love is planting by seed. Two years ago in the late fall, I planted a package of Hungarian Blue Bread Poppy Seeds from Botanical Interests in my small herb garden on a whim. Have I ever been rewarded! Last spring there were dozens of the purple-blue blooms. I let many of them flower and go to seed. I gathered several of the beautiful brown seedpods and put them in an old copper container that one of my sons had given me many years ago. What memories it invokes. What I have not done yet is use the seeds in baking – that is this year’s project!

And we here in Texas know that cilantro bolts and goes to seed as soon as the weather warms up. I let this happen and harvest the coriander seeds when they have fully dried. You might try Santo, a slow-bolting variety. What I am most excited about this year is a new–to-me variety called Dwarf Lemon. The coriander seed it produces is supposed to have a citrus flavor to it – I can hardly wait.