REAL School Gardens

As Earth Day approaches this week, I am reminded of the work of an organization that started here in Fort Worth that is near and dear to Redenta’s. Our children worldwide are the hope for the future. If we can give them the proper tools they will make this a better world for all.

REAL School Gardens brings children, teachers, parents and the entire community together to create learning gardens in low-income schools. Students, teachers, parents, businesses and volunteers come together to install a garden. Teachers are trained to use the garden as an outdoor classroom for science, math, reading, art, music, writing and social studies. Students are learning more and thriving.

In 2009, REAL was providing support for 57 schools in North Texas. Today there are many more, with schools also in the Washington DC and Charlotte NC areas also benefiting from this incredible organization. Redenta’s has for many years provided plants for the North Texas gardens.

Last Saturday there was an example of a “Big Dig” at Diamond Hill Elementary in Fort Worth. Can you not just tell how excited everyone is – especially the children!