Luxembourg Gardens

Last week my husband surprised me with a 5-day trip to Paris for our 50th wedding anniversary. What a treat it was! We walked and walked through neighborhoods on the left bank. My favorite spot of all was the Luxembourg Gardens. I did hear a whistle as I was trying to take a photo of the beds of tulips – apparently I was in a restricted area. The plant palette was quite different from what we have here and needless to say I am always looking at plants.

The weather was still in the 50’s and 60’s. What amazed me though was that no matter what time of day, the park was filled with people engaging in such a wide range of activities. As expected, there were lots of runners and walkers. This large park though offers so much more. People were playing tennis, petanque (the French version of bocce ball) and Ping-Pong and engaged in Tai-chi and yoga. Artists and aspiring artists were painting. People of all ages were reading. Lots and lots of conversations going on and then there were those who were just sitting there (in those comfortable Luxembourg chairs from Fermob!) with eyes closed just enjoying being outside.

These gardens are the outdoors for all of these people living in the apartments in the area. They really know how to use them each and every day.

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