It’s the First Day of Spring???

This is NOT a normal spring…though after 38 springs here in Texas I should know that there is no such thing as a normal anything! The cool season vegetables such as broccoli raab and arugula are already flowering. I am leaving them and will let the pollinators enjoy them until I am ready to replace them with warm season vegetables. Tomatoes have been planted and are looking healthy. This week I will plant some basil and peppers – that is a huge leap of faith! My husband is already cutting a rose daily from our rose bushes and the hardy gerbera daisy that we planted three years ago and placing them in a vase for me to enjoy as I prepare dinner.

Slavia greggii are already blooming, as are the hardy ground orchids. Zexmemia and hardy amaryllis (hippeastrum x johnsonii ) are about to bloom.. Hellebore blooms have kept me happy since early this year.

One of the things that hit me as I worked in the Arlington store this past couple of weeks was a reminder…please ask us about those labels that are on the plants. Many a time they are written for northern climates and just do not apply to us. No matter how busy it is, please consult with us for verification. We do NOT want you to plant your Japanese maple or your gardenia in the full sun!

Happy Spring!