It is Feeling like Spring!

It is so much fun to walk in the neighborhood on an early spring morning, and watch plants starting their new year. I love the way the early morning light shines and highlights the new leaves of the possumhaw as I pass by it in the front yard. The pink blooms of the loropetalums were stunning. The neighbor’s bluebonnets are looking great.

Carolina Jessamine is starting to bloom everywhere. The acanthus mollis, commonly known as Bear’s Breeches and the ligularia, are pushing through the ground. And one of my favorites, the Kerria is starting to bloom.

Last year was the first time I noticed one front lawn before the first mowing that was covered in violets. It brought back memories from my childhood. The lawns in our little village up in Ontario always had violets growing in them, and I loved going out and picking them. It is feeling like spring!