Giving Thanks . . .

… For the best customers in the world – it is so much fun spending time with you in the stores.

… For all of our incredible employees, many of you have been with us for a long time – Bucky had been at the Dallas store since the 80’s!

… To be able to garden, indoors and out – can there possibly be a better way to spend one’s time?

… To living in Texas and being able to pick lettuce, broccoli, spinach, cilantro and other greens almost all winter, except for when the Super Bowl comes to Dallas!

… For another year of trying to grow tomatoes and being somewhat successful – the biggest challenge I have had all these years in the veggie garden.

… For the beautiful trees, trusty perennials, reliable shrubs, hardy natives, pollinator plants and herbs that make a great Texas garden.

… For a wonderful family of two sons, two daughter-in-laws and four grandsons, all precious and unique in their own way.

… For a husband of 50 years, who still brings me flowers – my favorites are the ones he cuts from our own garden.