Unplug and Re-connect

I’ve been back in our Arlington store training a mostly new crew these past few weeks. Redenta’s started there and we recently celebrated our 25th anniversary. Gardeners (we don’t call them customers) from the early years recognized me and it was great having a hug and doing some catching up. I’m getting to that age where everyone tells me it’s time to slow down and smell the roses. I prefer to stay active and smell the roses in my stores. It’s where I belong.

In the age of “devices”, there must be somewhere to unplug and connect—with other people and with nature. I’ve always strived to make the stores that kind of place. Dick was making deposits at the bank last week and the teller told him how much she loved our store and that she sometimes takes her lunch there to just sit and soak up the atmosphere. Perfect! That’s exactly what we are trying to create.

It feels like spring already. We are all excited and invigorated and ready to share our enthusiasm with you. I will be giving the class on Spring Vegetable Gardening at our Arlington store at 10:30, this coming Saturday, February 25th, and will be there most of the day to answer your gardening questions or just to say hello. Oh, and put your devices on “silent.”



One thought on “Unplug and Re-connect”

  1. Redenta’s is defiantly a great place to unwind and enjoy nature in the middle of the “city.” I grew up in Wisconsin and in a small town in Missouri where I always had access to the woods or a river (anything more than that is city to me.) Here in Arlington sometimes it’s hard for me to reconnect to the part of my life that I miss so much. I am really very grateful to be at the Redenta’s in Arlington, even though it is work. I enjoy learning something new each day and being outside with the chickens clucking away and I forget that I am living in the city.

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