Back to the Future

In the fall of 1991, when I decided I was going to open up my first garden shop in Arlington, I went looking for inspiration and ideas. Locally, the shop that spoke to me the most was a small urban one on Skillman Street in Dallas called Mother Nature Garden Center. I liked the way it felt – lots of lush and interesting plants and a friendly staff offering a personal gardening experience. In the fall of 1995, it was up for sale and we bought it.

It has been quite a journey over the years, but here we are in 2018 and this store that inspired me the most is now my only store. And it still excites me every day that I visit it. Organic gardening, a wonderful assortment of plants, and a staff that truly cares about your needs – these things most important to me 26 years ago still are. What is even more amazing is that Bucky who was there back in 1991 is still here today!

2 thoughts on “Back to the Future”

  1. We still miss you terribly here in Arlington. My heartstrings tug a little every time I drive by. I’ve told my husband we will be going to your Dallas store in October, February and June for our fertilizer and will definitely stock up on the rose and flower food, my favorite!
    I’m not feeling like it is reality quite yet because I’m in my maintaining season of gardening. I know come fall and especially spring, it will be hard.

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