As high as an elephant’s eye . . .

Never in all my years of gardening in Texas can I remember my garden being so lush at this time of year, so much so that I am really struggling to find spots to start planting cool season veggies.

I planted two, rather than my usual one African Blue basil – big mistake. This was my first time planting Holy basil; I discovered it gets as big as the African Blue. I love its fragrance. The Siam Queen basil has never been happier and its flowers so beautiful. Lemon verbena that is usually a bit rangy at this time of year is full and green.

What can I say about the Greek oregano other than it has taken over most of the rest of the space? I have cut it back several times so far this summer and it continues to spread such that I have taken to planting fennel, dill and parsley in the middle of it instead.
The winners by far are the asparagus and lemongrass. Both of them are as tall as me!
Unfortunately, the Berggarten sage is not happy. I have found that every few years I do have to replace my sage, and it is usually after we have had moister conditions. I am willing to pay that price.