A Spring Stroll

Cool drizzly days are a treat here in Texas, and I thoroughly enjoyed walking around our neighborhood this morning. Looks like there is going to be another good harvest from the pot of Sunshine Blue blueberries I planted last year in a pot. I moved it out of the sun for the dog days of summer and back to a sunnier locale for the winter.

The snowball viburnum is just being to bud out – can hardly wait to see its spectacular blooms.Walking by the Mexican plum in bloom next door kept me thinking – which do I enjoy more – its bloom or its captivating sweet fragrance?

Need an impenetrable hedge and a habitat for nesting birds? Consider Mermaid roses – the foliage is shiny green and it is covered in large creamy yellow fragrant flowers on an off throughout the season. And bees love it!

Redbuds are in full bloom. I cannot decide which shade of pink/purple I like best. I just know it is spring when they are blooming.

And I have taken the ultimate leap of faith in planting several tomato plants.
They are thriving…so far…